Best easy to read banner fonts you should use

banner fonts

Nowadays there are no limits when it comes to banner design. You can create one within minutes and there is an abundance of banner fonts at your disposal. What makes the difference though, is knowing which font you should be using. Most times, all the details should be connected and related to the audience as well and not rely just on your taste and intuition. But by far the most important aspect is legibility. All messages should be written in clarity.

So how can you choose the best fonts for your banners?

Just like we mentioned in one of our article How do famous brands choose their fonts, there are fonts that have the power to generate some emotions in the mind of the viewer. So our advice is to know at least the basic notions before proceeding to creating a banner design.


Let’s start with an all time classic!

Helvetica is probably one the most widely used fonts by graphic designers. Why? Because of its simple and unique shape, the message can be very easy to see and read.

Futura ND Alt Cond Light font

Just as we mentioned above, legibility is super important when it comes to banner and advertising in general. If you have many things to say but don’t have much available space, then the best choice for you is Futura. You will get enough freedom to say more than you would say with other fonts.

Roboto Light

Initially, Roboto was designed by Google itself. Its design transmits simplicity and elegance. It is one of the most used fonts in all industries that require text. This makes it one of the best banner fonts, so choose it if you want to portray elegance and simplicity.

Walkway Black

This font is innovative, easy to read and has a modern and trendy look. Creative industries are already using Walkway for their marketing materials. If you what you look for is novelty and freshness, then use this font for your banners.

Rubika font

This font can make quite an impression, mostly due to the round shapes of the letters and heaviness added to them. Knowing that your message may come across as bold and create a longer lasting effect on the audience, it makes it the perfect choice for your banners.

If you want to try other fonts and bring something new to your banner designs, then check Whatfontis. There are so many fonts to choose from, that all you need is inspiration, passion and time!

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